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Proviroxyl for Bitcoins

Proviroxyl for sale 30.00 USD 40.00 USD

Drug information:

Trade Name: Proviroxyl
Compound: Mesterolone
Strength: 25 mg/pill
Container: 30 Pills in Sachet
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals


Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Proviroxyl for Sale

Proviroxyl is a steroid drug with predominant androgenic over anabolic properties. In sports practice, it is recommended predominantly for men and is used to solve different problems: from the development of the results on cutting to preventing the side effects of other steroids, like a decrease in libido.

This drug has an active substance, Mesterolone - it is a steroid derivative of dihydrotestosterone: the index of anabolic activity is 40% of Testosterone; androgenic - 150% of Testosterone. This steroid is not only not aromatizing, but also possessing antiestrogenic properties, like estrogen receptor blockers and aromatase inhibitors. The highest value is due to the property of increasing the level of free Testosterone in the blood by blocking the functions of SHBG.

Confirmed effects of Proviroxyl: Compensation of low testosterone concentration, increased libido (sexual activity), erectile function (potency), spermatogenesis (quality and quantity of sperm), development of male sexual characteristics (secondary), as well as an increase in the density and hardness of the musculature (used on cutting cycles).

The anabolic effect of Proviroxyl is moderate.

Proviroxyl: Side Effects

Probable side effects of Proviroxyl: androgenic, like acne, aggression, sweating, oily skin, coarsening of the voice or alopecia. This drug is not exactly recommended for women (at least in full doses), since there is a high risk of virilization. On the other hand, estrogenic, progestogenic side effects and hepatotoxicity are not characteristic to it, which minimizes the number of contraindications for use when observing the recommendations.

How to use Proviroxyl?

The average recommended dose for Proviroxyl is 50 mg (2 tablets) per day (for athletes, doses within 25-100 mg per day are allowed, depending on the tasks, experience and tolerance of the body). The frequency of admission is daily, because this drug does not have a high duration of action (activity ≈ 12 hours).

Proviroxyl cycle should not last more than 12 weeks, otherwise the risk of side effects increases. As a component of a steroid cycle, this drug may be used effectively from the first weeks, increasing free Testosterone, preventing side effects, and not only. For optimum results, it is not necessary to abuse doses, periodicity or duration of use, but to compliance with recommendations.

Proviroxyl is taken inside, as a rule, after eating. It quickly begins to work, developing the maximum concentration within 12 hours after use. And it is excreted, in turn, mainly by the kidneys (with urine). And only a small part, metabolized, leaves the body through the digestive tract (with feces).

The use of Proviroxyl is predominantly beneficial over side effects, but to confirm the harmlessness of yhis drug it is recommended to be examined, consulted by a doctor to exclude contraindications: liver tumors, prostate tumors, pregnancy and lactation in women, childhood, hypersensitivity to components.

Buy Proviroxyl Online

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