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Proviron for Bitcoins

Buy Proviron Online 90.00 USD

Drug information:

Trade Name: Proviron
Compound: Mesterolone
Strength: 20 mg/pill
Container: 100 Pills in Sachet
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma


Dragon Pharma Proviron for Sale

Proviron is a steroid drug produced by Dragon Pharma from Europe. It is characterized as a sufficiently strong androgen with obvious anti-estrogenic qualities. Among athletes is widely used to solve various problems: from strengthening the libido to cutting muscles.

Proviron as a base substance - Mesterolone, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which has a quick but short-live effect (no more than 24 hours after administration) and predominant androgenic over anabolic activity (150% Testosterone / 40% Testosterone).

Proviron, can and should be considered as a medicine. Mesterolone was originally developed exclusively for medical use and only after decades it became widespread among foreign and domestic athletes. To this day, it is actively recommended to men with impaired potency, underdevelopment of the gonads and infertility.

The effects of Proviron in bodybuilding (or as auxiliary drug on the AAS course): an increase in the level of free Testosterone in the blood (the synthesis of endogenous testosterone itself hardly affects), blocking of aromatization, decreasing estrogen activity, normalization of libido, increased spermatogenesis, increased hardness of muscles.

Proviron: Side Effects

An important question is that Proviron is able to eliminate the side effects of other steroids, but can it itself have a side effect? If the recommendations are observed, the risk is minimal, but if abused, nothing guarantees the absence of complications in the endocrine, genitourinary and digestive systems: from indigestion to uncontrolled erection.

How to use Proviron?

One of the main effects, because of which Proviron gets such widespread use among men in sports, is an increase in the concentration of free circulating Testosterone in blood. It is explained by the ability of Mesterolone to block the function of the sex hormone binding globulin (abbreviated to SHBG).

Another question is how to effectively use the Proviron for bodybuilding? As a rule, this drug is used already in the first weeks of the AAS cycle (the reception starts ≈ from 2nd week) or a little later. Optimum dosage is selected only individually. Recommended dosage is 25-50 mg per day. If necessary, doses up to 100-150 mg per day are allowed, but not more, as otherwise the risk of overdose increases.

Also, Proviron cycle should not last longer than 10-12 whole weeks. And one more thing: it is recommended only to men. After all, this is a powerful androgenic steroid.

Important: how the anti-estrogen Proviron should be distinguished from the products like Tamoxifen (Nolvadex for sale) and Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid for sale). First, the latter are not steroid substances. Secondly, unlike Mesterolone, they directly influence the production of natural Testosterone by the body (due to the blocking of estrogen receptors in the pituitary and testicles).

Buy Proviron Online

In our online steroid store, at an affordable price and without risks, it is realistic to buy Proviron from Dragon Pharma.

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Buy Proviron Alternatives

  • Buy Proviron Online 42.00 USD
    42.00 USD


    Trade Name: Proviron
    Compound: Mesterolone
    Strength: 25 mg/pill
    Container: 20 Pills in Blister
    Manufacturer: Bayer Schering

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  • Buy Proviroxyl Online 40.00 USD
    40.00 USD


    Trade Name: Proviroxyl
    Compound: Mesterolone
    Strength: 25 mg/pill
    Container: 30 Pills in Sachet
    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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  • Buy Provimed Online 93.00 USD
    93.00 USD


    Trade Name: Provimed
    Compound: Mesterolone
    Strength: 50 mg/pill
    Container: 60 Pills in Blister
    Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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  • Buy Providex Online 48.00 USD
    48.00 USD


    Trade Name: Providex
    Compound: Mesterolone
    Strength: 50 mg/pill
    Container: 25 Pills in Sachet
    Manufacturer: Sciroxx

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  • Buy Proviron-Lab Online 37.00 USD
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    Trade Name: Proviron-Lab
    Compound: Mesterolone
    Strength: 25 mg/pill
    Container: 50 Pills
    Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharma

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