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Halotestin for Bitcoins

Buy Halotestin Online 178.00 USD

Drug information:

Trade Name: Halotestin
Compound: Fluoxymesterone
Strength: 10 mg/pill
Container: 100 Pills in Sachet
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma


Dragon Pharma Halotestin for Sale

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is a tableted steroid of powerful androgenic and moderate anabolic properties (the androgenic index for one data is 850%, in others - 1000% of endogenous Testosterone). It is characterized by a rapid action after its application (up to 5-10 hours), unusual aromatization (conversion into estrogens), but hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity). It is recommended for experienced athletes (men) mainly to increase strength, aggression, rigidity of muscles without increasing their own weight.

Halotestin has an active active substance Fluoxymesterone - a Methyltestosterone derivative with a predominant androgenic over anabolic effect. This steroid was obtained by modifying Testosterone in 3 positions: 9-fluoro group, 11-beta-hydroxy group and 17-alpha-methyl group. Originally intended only for medical purposes (including treatment of hypogonadism, delay in sexual development in boys and men, breast cancer in women), but today has actually lost its medicinal use and is most common as sports doping.

Halotestin, due to the specificity of its action, is effectively used before the competition: for an emergency increase in strength, aggression, fat burning, vascularity, muscular density without weight gain (considered the main effects of the drug). It is actual for sportsmen of various physical sports, including powerlifting, heavy, light athletics and martial arts. The advisability of taking in bodybuilding for muscle growth is questionable, because this drug actually does not promote anabolism, as are the injectable Testosterone esters, Nandrolone, Trenbolone, Methandienone or Oxymetholone.

Halotestin Side Effects

Possible side effects of Halotestin: strong androgenic like acne, excitability, sweating, baldness, coarsening of the voice, oppression of the synthesis of Testosterone, prostatic hypertrophy, testicular atrophy and others. Due to the powerful androgenic effect, this drug is recommended for sports purposes only to men. For women, taking such a strong androgen is fraught with consequences of virilization (which can not be prevented, even using the minimum dosage). Also, the risks are associated with the hepatotoxicity of this steroid, which serves as a limitation for use by men and women (not used for a long time, is contraindicated for violations of the liver function).

Halotestin reviews from Dragon Pharma, in spite of the risks, describes it mostly laudatory. In proper hands, this steroid becomes an effective means of achieving success, but in violation of recommendations it can provoke a serious side effect. In order to prevent the consequences, before receiving, one should get an individual consultation of the doctor, be examined, and afterwards - if necessary, take tests, monitoring the reactions of the body.

Halotestin Dosage and Administration

Halotestin usage for the development of athleticism, usually carried out in short cycle - from 2 to 4 or 6 weeks. The recommended dose varies from 10 to 40 mg per day (most users do not recommend exceeding the daily dosage of 20 mg). For more than 6 whole weeks this drug is not used, since long-term administration can negatively affect sexual function, liver function, and not only.

The most appropriate is taking Halotestin during precompetition training (solo or combined with other sports pharmacology, which encourages the development of athleticism). It is recommended to avoid staking this medication with other hepatotoxic drugs.

Halotestin cycle does not lead to pronounced muscle growth. Its inclusion in mass gaining course has no special advantages, however, if it is necessary to conduct the application specifically to increase muscle mass, you can try a combination with the injectable testosterone or nandrolone.

Effective Halotestin dosage, periodicity and duration of its application are selected individually, in opposite cases can be excessive or vice versa ineffective, which in the first case is threatened by side effects, and in the second lack of predictable results.

Where to buy Halotestin?

Reviews can describe differently this sports pharmacology, but in our online store always there are optimal conditions to buy Halotestin.

Real Halotestin Reviews

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Buy Halotestin Alternatives

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    Trade Name: Haloxyl
    Compound: Fluoxymesterone
    Strength: 10 mg/pill
    Container: 50 Pills in Sachet
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  • Buy Halotest Online 200.00 USD
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    Compound: Fluoxymesterone
    Strength: 10 mg/pill
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