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Beginner Cycle Examples

For those new to the world of steroids, it can be a little intimidating. From the whole slew of drugs to choose from, the host of side effects, to the scientific terms, it can be off putting. This is precisely the reason that we have typed up this beginner’s cycle example!

Now, first and foremost, you must be ready for steroids. Steroids are not a wonder drug; they are merely a helper which can push you beyond your genetic limits. First time users should already be employing an intense training routine and should have been doing for at least two years. The next thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the possible side effects of the steroid you have chosen to use. This is important so that you can identify a side effect as early as possible and possibly avert it. If you chose to use injectable steroids it would also be wise to read up on how to properly give yourself injections in a clean and safe manner. For beginners, injections into the glutes or quads are best.

The most important part of steroid cycles is not the steroids themselves but your diet. Along with years of physical training, you need years of mental training to eat the right foods and the best foods consistently. Ideally your diet should be high in protein and include eggs (mostly egg whites), peanut butter, almonds, fish, chicken, shakes, and veggies. You should be eating six meals a day, two hours apart with lots of calories, carbs, protein, and mild in fat. Some good supplements to take while approaching steroid use are milk thistle, dandelion extract, multi-vitamins, and liver supporting medications (primarily for liver-taxing steroids).

Once you have these things in check, the last thing to do before you begin your cycle is to get some blood work done. While this may seem like a costly and overly cautious thing to do, it is important to know what your baseline hormonal levels are. This information can tell you if there were any problems with your cycle and, in a health emergency, could possibly save your life. Additionally, it is wise to have at least one person monitoring your progress. If you do not have anyone you can trust, try joining an Internet community (such as ours).

Testosterone Cycle

For first time users probably the best steroid to use is testosterone enanthate (or, if not available, cypionate) at a low dosage in order to gauge how you will react steroids, particularly in regards to the side effects. In order to combat the negative effects of steroids on your cholesterol, you should supplement with fish oil (4 g per day) and Lipid Stabil (3 capsules per day), although cholesterol changes should be minimal at low dosages. Users may also like to use anti-estrogens such as anastrozole (.5 mg per day) or tamoxifen (20-40 mg per day). 25 mg of Anavar can address any joint pains. Users prone to male pattern baldness may want to use finasteride.

Week Testosterone
1 200 mg per day
2 200 mg per day
3 300 mg per day
4 300 mg per day
5 300 mg per day
6 350 mg per day
7 350 mg per day

If you are pleased with your results by the seventh week and have not experienced any adverse effects, you can try extending the program to 10 or 12 weeks at 400 to 500 mg dosages. These dosages should be split into two smaller injections at different times during the day. Testosterone enanthate is available under such trade names: Androne, Enantat 250, Enantat 400, SP Enanthate, Testodex Enanthate, Testosterone E, Testoxyl Enanthate. Testosterone cypionate is available under such trade names: Cypionat 250, SP Cypionate, Testodex Cypionate, Testosterone C, Testoxyl Cypionate.

Two weeks following the cessation of steroids, you can begin your post-cycle therapy (PCT), particularly if you extended your dosages, in order to restore your natural testosterone quickly. You should use Clomid and Nolvadex at the following dosages.

Week Clomid Nolvadex
1 50 mg per day 40 mg per day
2 50 mg per day 40 mg per day
3 50 mg per day 40 mg per day
4 50 mg per day 40 mg per day

The addition of Human Chronic Gonadotropins (HCG) can accelerate this process.

Three weeks following this treatment it is advisable to have blood work done again.

Additional Cycles

The cycle below is often used to follow up the previous one. Remember you must wait at least the length of the previous cycle before beginning another. All supplements can be taken at the same dosage guidelines although you may up your anastrozole dosage to 1 mg if you need to.

Week Testosterone
1 200 mg per day
2 400 mg per day
3 400 mg per day
4 400 mg per day
5 400 mg per day
6 500 mg per day
7 500 mg per day
8 500 mg per day
9 500 mg per day
10 200 mg per day

Post Cycle Therapy

Without going in to too much detail, it is important to remember that a cycle of steroids will have effects long after the final dose. It can take months for natural hormone levels to return to normal, especially in the case of steroid abuse. To speed up the recovery process, and to avoid any unnecessary complications, it is highly recommended to employ a system of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

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