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Femara for Bitcoins

Buy Femara Online 65.00 USD

Drug information:

Trade Name: Femara
Compound: Letrozole
Strength: 2.5 mg/pill
Container: 100 Pills in Sachet
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma


Dragon Pharma Femara for Sale

Femara from Dragon Pharma is a medicinal antiestrogenic drug that has become widely used in both medical and sports practice. In medicine, it is primarily used to treat estrogen-dependent tumors (breast cancer in women), and in sports - to eliminate the estrogen-dependent side effects of steroids (from water retention to gynecomastia in men), but not only.

This drug has a synthetic origin and basically contains the active substance: Letrozole - a derivative of benzhydrin triazole originally developed for medical use. It was approved for human prescribing: it is not a steroid, with androgenic activity, especially not a toxic, liver-damaging, or a narcotic, addictive, component.

Femara from Dragon Pharma after use acts as an aromatase inhibitor, an enzyme involved in the formation of estrogens. The mechanism of action is based on the inhibition of the genome of cytochrome P450 in the aromatase. With prolonged controlled intake, this drug provokes a decrease in the level and, accordingly, the activity of estrogens to 75-95% of the baseline values.

Femara refers to the 3rd, the last generation of inhibitors (otherwise blockers) of aromatase. This group is an analog of Anastrozole (Arimidex for sale), but it is not identical to Tamoxifen (Nolvadex for sale) and Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid for sale), since it is estrogen receptor blockers (they differ in both the mechanism of action and the final effect, since they do not affect the production of estrogens, but only bind to their receptors in organism).

Femara Side Effects

It is important that Femara remains a relatively safe drug for humans, without actually provoking side effects while following the recommendations. In cases of predisposition and abuse of tablets, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of complications from the digestive (from nausea to dryness in the mouth), central nervous (from dizziness to depression), respiratory (from dyspnea to cough) and even musculoskeletal (from arthralgia to osteoporosis ) systems. In case of an overdose, as a rule, symptomatic treatment is performed.

How to use Femara?

This drug is administered only inside, regardless of food: when taken orally, it is quickly and completely absorbed from the digestive tract: bioavailability reaches 99% and eating does not have a therapeutically significant effect on it.

The recommended dose of Femara is a variation of 0.25 to 2.5 mg per day, depending on the need and tolerability of the organism. This drug usually passes through one of two possible schemes: 1 - preventive use from the start of steroid cycle, to prevent estrogenic complications; 2 - emergency use during the steroid course for the treatment of estrogenic complications after the manifestation of their primary symptoms. Regardless of the chosen method, this drug is able to effectively prevent the development of estrogen-dependent side effects, like water retention, fat growth and gynecomastia in men.

Before planning taking Femara and especially, it is necessary to exclude potential risks. It is recommend to be examined and consulted with a specialist, eliminating contraindications: for women - pregnancy, lactation and endocrine status, characteristic of the reproductive period; For men and women - it is intolerance of the substance, hypersensitivity to the components that make up the drug, and children's age.

There are also limitations in which the use of Femara should be carried out with caution - glucose-galactose malabsorption, lactase deficiency and lactase intolerance, which can cause effects. On the other hand, the drug, as a rule, does not require dose adjustments and admission regimens for renal, hepatic or cardiovascular failure.

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Buy Femara Alternatives

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    Trade Name: Letroxyl
    Compound: Letrozole
    Strength: 2.5 mg/pill
    Container: 30 Pills in Sachet
    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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  • Buy Letrozole Online 75.00 USD
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    Trade Name: Letrozole
    Compound: Letrozole
    Strength: 2.5 mg/pill
    Container: 60 Pills in Blister
    Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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  • 105.00 USD
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    Trade Name: Letros
    Compound: Letrozole
    Strength: 2.5 mg/pill
    Container: 10 Pills in Blister
    Manufacturer: PharmaCom Labs

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  • Buy Fempro Online 63.00 USD
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    Trade Name: Fempro
    Compound: Letrozole
    Strength: 2.5 mg/pill
    Container: 50 Pills in Blister
    Manufacturer: Cipla

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  • Buy Letro-Lab Online 50.00 USD
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    Trade Name: Letro-Lab
    Compound: Letrozole
    Strength: 2.5 mg/pill
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    Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharma

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